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Offering expert guitar tuition in Andover, or via Skype / Zoom / Google Meet. Stuck in a rut, hit a wall, lacking direction, structure, discipline, struggling with theory, need a technique boost - or simply want to play faster? This is for you! Friendly teacher with over a decade of experience, teaching beginners, professionals, and everyone inbetween. Rock, metal, pop, blues, and theory specialist. Terms apply. Limited availability, enquiries via the contact page.

Here is what Adi's students have to say...

"Want a guitar tutor? Look no further!

No hesitation in recommending Adi’s lessons, style and encouragement. I’d been ‘playing guitar’ for more than 20 years with very few lessons in that time and Adi has been very effective in working out which bits of that are valuable, which need refinement and which - kindly - are best not talked about. Very much (wanting to be) a metal guitarist in only a few sessions I have improved techniques in timing, rhythm, theory, soloing (including bends, pinch harmonics & tapping) and more. I’m not going to be a Steve Vai stand-in anytime soon, but no doubt whatsoever with Adi’s patience, humility, wit and direction I’ll continue to advance massively."

"Excellent tutor

Excellent teacher from beginner to advance in his field of instruments. Teaching me (a complete novice) in the art of banjo playing is an ongoing pleasure."

"Adi Hughes - Teaching with Passion and Skill

Adi has been teaching me guitar for nearly a year, after I picked up the guitar as a hobby later in life. He has exceeded my expectations and provides me with a genuinely absorbing and hugely enjoyable weekly lesson that stretches my mind and my not so nimble fingers.
I came with an electro acoustic and my beloved Tele, some theory and enthusiasm. He has repaid me with great patience (essential!), a wide range of guitar skills and a sense of fun.
It's his passion for the guitar which stands out for me. 
There is never a substitute for one-on-one teaching, and Adi proves this every week. He can teach or correct a point of technique in a few minutes that would be impossible by book or YouTube. His theory is deep and solid and he is a genuinely talented guitarist with a great knowledge of our heroes from the last 30 years. I enjoy our chats over a cup of tea! We alternate between electric and acoustic and Adi keeps it interesting and varied. He is able to tailor lessons to my own interests, whilst making sure that the basic theory and techniques are solid and regularly reinforced. He cheerfully accommodates my regular senior moments.
Probably the most enjoyable hour of my week, from a genuinely decent & talented man.
Thank you Adi."

"Man with patience of a saint

This guy is unbelievable great skill and able to deal with someone with a short memory and fat fingers. In all seriousness Adi has made learning the guitar a real pleasure and he scales lessons to your ability, and not from a set script. He has a great knowledge and I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking about learning or progressing with the guitar

"Adi Hughes - Highly recommended

I've been playing guitar for over 20 years and came to Adi with the goal of learning some musical theory and lead techniques. Adi has managed to teach me all of that and much more whilst keeping things interesting by including guitarists and particular solos that I like.
I would recommend Adi to someone picking up the guitar for the first time or, like me, someone who's been playing for a number of years. He's very patient, a great communicator and ensures each lesson is geared specifically to you the student (he also makes a great cup of tea!) His rates are very competitive so if you're thinking about taking guitar lessons, then give Adi a call now!"

"Excellent tutor

Adi has been a fantastic teacher - he is very patient, keen to teach you what you want to learn and tailors each lesson to the individual. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn the guitar, whatever stage they are in their musical education, to give him a go!!"

"Adi Hughes guitar lessons

I have been taking guitar lessons with Adi for a few months and really look forward to every lesson. Being taught theory alongside actually playing is very helpful and Adi teaches it in an easy to understand way. I would definitely recommend Adi to anyone looking to start learning to play or looking to improve."

"Adi Hughes Guitar lessons"

A top guy who totally knows his stuff ! I have lessons with Adi via Skype and it work really well .. his relaxed and friendly manner combined with awesome ability make for a fantastic hour of tuneful fun ... I have learned so much for Adi and couldn't recommended him enough!! .. you rock dude!"

"Excellent , Patient Teacher

I am 52 year old '' teenager '' that got the bug to play a lead guitar, Adi has made it possible for me to be able to play music that actually sounds like tunes which I never thought I would ever be able to do. Adi is very patient and helpful and always encourages me . I would recommend Adi as he is a top tutor, Thank you Adi."

"Lesson Progress

Although a complete novice and late starter Adi's relaxed but structured approach has provided a basic understanding of the theory behind the music and can already play something that sounds musical!"

"Highly recommended!

I recently started my lessons with Adi. Every lesson he has been very encouraging and enthusiastic . Great with people and patient when I don't get it!"


"Adi’s calm and friendly approach, combined with his expert knowledge, make learning the guitar enjoyable and rewarding."

Mark Wall- Student

“As a mature student I am probably not a music teachers dream, but despite my Alzheimers (ha ha!) over the past few months Adi seems to have worked his magic on me as I am told that he has done a good job.”

Harry the Happy Guitarist - Student
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Adi Hughes grew up in the south of England, and inspired by his classic rock guitar heroes, so..

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